Happy Birthday from DefensiveDriving.com


Okay, this must be the single most depressing birthday wish I ever received via email. Well, happy birthday to me anyway. I feel the need to clarify here . . .  I am not a bad driver, this was from the FIRST and ONLY speeding ticket I’ve ever received . . . a little over a year ago.

After moving to Texas (1/1/1996) I longed for the snowy Winters I had always known… for years really. But now I gotta tell you, once Christmas is over and most certainly after my birthday, I am ready for Spring. Here in Central Texas we start planting around Valentine’s Day. . . I’m serious. I’m not trying to make you jealous, really. That said, I may want to undecorate the Christmas tree tomorrow so I can make the recycling deadline. I can’t wait to start building my raised bed… I did get a head start on the composting a few months ago.

Twist (pictured above), what can I say. . . I may not be too far along but I am really enjoying it. It’s been a tough deadline week so I was smart enough to not pick this up at night with my tired eyes and screw it up. I’ll sit with it some over the weekend as we will have NO ELECTRICITY for at least tomorrow. May be a good opportunity to see Juno too.

Well, I must wash my face and head off to work. Wish me a short day at the office, please.

4 short years ago Roscoe was my birthday present….here’s how he looked then at 6 weeks.




5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday from DefensiveDriving.com

  1. Mona says:

    Ah Yes…. good ole online driving school…been there twice myself…. once a red light (it was yellow) caught by a camera in Beverly Hills, and the other moving up here driving a 20+ foot rig (moving van w/ car attached) just moving quickly enough to pass all the stop and start traffic on I-5 so I wouldn’t smash into all of them. Wasn’t worth trying to fight it from 600 miles away… so 400$ later… and I swear I don’t ever plan on moving myself again. United Van Lines if I can.
    But onto you Birthday Girl… its your Birthday Week!!!! I am picturing you already at home… Yes yes, you are already at home, relaxing and snuggling with all the furry friends.
    My neighbor Leslie has her birthday today as well, I think we are going bowling… I hope we are going bowling…
    Soooo…. yes, you are snuggling at home, thinking of all the wonderful fun you will have with your new letterpress, and the fun you and DH will have making it too of course….
    Roscoe needs to be eaten up with a spoon he looks so delicious! Sweet sweet boy…. the new creation is for him yes? no? lol… have a terrific weekend and week, love and hugs, Mona


  2. Ahna says:

    Defensive driving? Hmmm.
    I’d call that lucky. I got several letters from the AARP for my birthday, and I just turned 42.
    Those photos are so very sweet. I bet that little guy didn’t get put down a whole lot when he was little…?


  3. Mary says:

    Really precious. Happy birthday, you forty-something, you. Me too! I actually wanted, asked for and got a heavy duty toaster. The romance, how she fades. . ..


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