Miracle Whip, Nutella & Alpaca

I’ve been working from home this afternoon and have seriously got alot done. I know it’s really wintery where you live, but it’s been unusually cold and wet here in Central Texas this January.

The progress of Twist . . . almost finished with the back. Somehow I added an extra twist in one of the repeats, but at least I did it on both sides. I’ve been very good about fixing any errors so probably just misjudged which row I was on after I’d ripped back. This mistake is now cleverly disguised a feature.


Dont you just love this colorway? These socks are yet to be restarted.
The yarn? Plucky Knitter Merino Wool Handpainted Superwash Yarn Fingering Weight, Colorway Reece


The real reason I bother to make a meatloaf…. leftovers! cold meatloaf sandwich on crusty sourdough with Miracle Whip (yep, that’s right), ketchup and salt and pepper. Mmmmm.


What now…




I mean really… do you know any better way to eat Nutella than with a spoon?


A cup of peppermint tea in my grandmother’s china


What better way to warm some chilly digits than casting on for this with
Henry’s Attic Prime Alpaca (Silver Grey)?


3 thoughts on “Miracle Whip, Nutella & Alpaca

  1. Sarah says:

    There you are!!! I’ve been wondering about you!
    I have been dying to make that wrap from Knit Cafe… maybe we should have our own little KAL?
    Love the pupster pics – what a bunch of cuties!


  2. Mona says:

    BEAUTIFUL work Miss Stacey…. you and my granny would have oodles to share and show each other. Yes, it is cold up and over here… your furry babies look much like mine does right now… cozy. We had a day that was over 40 this past week and Adonis was outside for a few hours. He must have been so happy to go around to all his spots without getting frozen paws.
    hmmm…. miracle whip????
    stay dry, glad you had a work day at home!


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