Bound & Blushing


I seem to get a lot of comments on my Ravelry projects page about this book here. Many of you have this book, but are jealous of the spiral bound issue that I have. I’ll let you in on a little secret… I simply took the book to a quick copy center and had them cut it about 1/8" in from the perfect binding, cover and all, then rebind it with spiral binding. Voila! A soft cover book that I can fold over and lay flat. It costs between 3 & 4 bucks and is very helpful. Since I work in publishing, specifically in production, I really geek out at these little things. This would be really great for any soft cover cookbooks too, wouldn’t it?


Why am I blushing?

Though I’m not one prone to blushing, I was tickled to see my blog listed on one of my favorite blogs Iguana Banana as one of her faves.

I love stopping in to see what’s going on in Ahna’s very rich life. Beautiful kids, actively submerging them in a life filled with the arts. . . wish I was one of her kids, but seeing as we are very close in age . . . would be weird.

Ahna, I loved looking at the other blogs you listed and will visit them often.

Thanks Ahna!

I’ve decided to try to learn a little bit each day on my commute to Austin.

These are some Podcasts I’m listening to:

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing So that I don’t cringe every time I push send on an email or blog entry.

Coffee Break Spanish I must admit that I have a little trouble understanding these two when they are speaking English, are the Scottish? Even so, their accents are lovely.

One Minute Irish I’ve yet to listen to this one, will let you know.

and the others for entertainment:

Stash and Burn

CRL with Vickie Howell

Cooks Illustrated Video Podcast

NPR: All Songs Considered

        Hidden Kitchens I freaking LOVE this one

       Thistelpod with Fiona Ritchie  I miss this radio broadcast

        This American Life  d’accord

        Kitchen Window


Are there any others that you love? I’m all ears?


2 thoughts on “Bound & Blushing

  1. Ahna says:

    You are more than welcome. I love visiting you, and you make my day a little happier every time I stop by.
    BTW – I’ve got a whole bunch of books I am taking to get re-bound tomorrow. What a great idea! Thanks.


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