Zero Kitsch Factor

DH and I bought a painting last weekend. This is quite a departure from our usual purchases  which usually feature a pig, a tractor or is just a rusted out sign with bullet holes. Our dining table is 9 feet long, the painting is 10×6. The carved oblong bowl centerpiece once belonged to Ann Richards, yes that Ann Richards. Her items were for sale at the same estate sale where we bought the painting.




DIRT! I can’t wait to plant, even if it is a wee bit late.



Oh, there’s a pig…see?


Look at the beautiful shed DH built. The metal shed next to it is going to a friend’s house and then DH will be building a studio there.





Hopefully these peaches will be more than mere bird food this year…. damn bores.


Remember last years plums?
Last night after work I drove out to Paige for the first Stitch In at Yarnorama. The shop is filling up and coming together. I think it’s just so cool that the need to wait until EVERYTHING was in its place to open the doors. It’s far more exciting to see something grow and flourish . . . kinda like everything else in Spring.
Heading to Round Top this year? Stop by the shop on your way from Houston.

6 thoughts on “Zero Kitsch Factor

  1. Angie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing photos of the flowering fruit trees they’re lovely. I absolutely am in love with your raised garden. The design is wonderful and I’m looking forward to your photos of it full of plants. Beautiful design for the shed as well.
    I lived in Houston for eight years and I do miss this time of year in Texas.


  2. Kelly Belly says:

    F-ing fabulous, Stacey. ALL of it! You and Steve should be so proud of your beautiful home and family. Now I know you love your dogs, but lets get a picture of Noodle in there 🙂


  3. Mona says:

    I like the painting. I bet ‘in the flesh’ so to speak it’s even better. In my BDW I can hire you to help me decorate my home. Our tastes are similar enough that I wouldn’t say “Ick” to every idea etc. The way I often do with some designers on HGTV. Man they are fond of ice blue and brown right now.
    And I reeeaaaallllly like your home. Without even truly seeing it. Which, for me, is a big deal. I am so tactile it’s often a challenge for me to ‘get it’ with someones personal pics. Of course… I do believe…. yes, I do believe that this particular photographer has as much to do with it. And you my dear, are an Artist no matter the medium.
    Ya know… if I had not read an email where you mentioned Noodle…. I wouldn’t even know you have a kitty…..
    Nooooodle, Nooooodle, NOOOOOOODLE!!!!!
    BDW= Barbie Dream World


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