Mom Stowed Securely Under the Seat in Front of Me . . .


This weekend I was out in LA to visit my sisters and pick up my half of my mother’s ashes and her banjo. While I did fly home with mom, we decided my sister would ship the banjo since it would have been truly cumbersome. We pored over our mother’s old letters, photos and books. It’s hard to not feel like we’re prying into her life a bit, but all we will ever know of her or her life is from these bits of paper, song lyrics, instruments and journals. She kept a lot of journals. Some day when I have a whole bunch of time I’ll tell the story of how we only met her 3 and a half years ago.
It was our own little memorial weekend.

We ate such great meals, shopped for makeup, yarn and laughed and screamed all night as sisters do. . . K’s husband was a good sport.


Sunday we had a perfectly girl day… brunch, pedicures, cake and yarn.


I think K deleted her solo pics, so here’s J but no K


This is what I ate, mmmm… crab hash.

After our pedicures, my toes are silvery, we drove to Knit Cafe before they closed up shop. The shops owner and author of Greetings from Knit Cafe, Suzan Mischer, was at the shop and was super nice and helpful. Love the store decor! I did buy a little BSA Melange in a yummy chocolaty brown and a handful of candy colored Daisy plastic needles. I can never seem to find them in smaller sizes so I bought one of each. Sometimes I just love they way they feel.

J bought yarn and some needles…K bought a beautiful crochet book… I think it may be this one… I can’t recall. It was fun to hang out knitting with J while K beaded a necklace for me out of the beads I picked out.


After stopping into Knit Cafe we strolled across the street to Sweet Lady Jane for its famous Triple Berry Cake and a pot of mint tea.

My flight back to Austin was full of guitars, tattoos and piercings, which is typically Austin but everyone was flying in for SXSW . The airport here was packed when I arrived home. Listening to all
the musicians talk about all the places they were going to go eat and shop made me feel proud of

The magazine’s offices are at a downtown hotel. I wasn’t here yesterday but R.E.M was spotted downstairs eating lunch at the hotel restaurant. Most everyone’s on Spring Break, it’s 75º outside and I can hear music from the streets from 16 floors up. I think I need to go take a walk outside and get some coffee. I’ll let you know what I see.


2 thoughts on “Mom Stowed Securely Under the Seat in Front of Me . . .

  1. Sarah says:

    What a bittersweet weekend… laughter and tears. Your sisters are adorable and that cake looks fantastic.
    Just a touch jealous that you got to go to Knit Cafe…
    ; )


  2. Ahna says:

    What a wonderful, filling time you had with your sister – filled your heart, your soul, your knitting bag and your tummies!
    I smiled a little to think of your “half of mom” tucked neatly under the seat in front of you.
    Every time I read your blog I want to move to Austin. It sounds totally rockin’… and warm. Did I mention that we’re expecting ANOTHER snow storm. Crap!


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