Need to find the spider…..

but I think it’s obvious where this is going.


                    •••IMAGINE spider here•••







I’ve been unearthing old boxes of stuff and came upon this flannel
board story I illustrated during my pre-school teaching years. I
must’ve been in my early twenties. I have not drawn or watercolored a
damn thing since . . . looks like it may have been fun.

I have yet to take a pic of my first attempt at spinning. It’s schlumpy but I like it anyway.

I have decided that I am no good at having multiple projects rolling at once. I have had a sweater, a shawl and some socks on the needles for some time and not one of them is close to finished. So, and I know this sounds CRAZY,  I frogged the socks, since I was so not loving the Lorna’s Laces yarn. There. . . now only 2 projects, which is ideal since one requires a bit of concentration and one I could knit in a coma.

I bought Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman this weekend. I’ve been wanting it for a while and am looking forward to poring over it with a cup of coffee.

Okay, wanna hear something really funny? I somehow was talked into tossing my name in the ring as a write-in candidiate for city council in my small Texas town. Is this is great country or what?

3 thoughts on “Need to find the spider…..

  1. Mona says:

    City Council would be awesome! You can keep ’em honest, should they not be. You could also be that voice of reason should they try to fluoridate your water again. I LOVE that your water isn’t. I know some would disagree on the issue, and perhaps you do as well. Water source and quality, however, has actually been a not so small factor in my -hmmm where to go?- decision making process.
    Never knew you did the preschool thing. No doubt the ankle biters loooooved you!
    So is Noodle tired of all the paparazzi? He’s become a shut in? Is that what’s up with him?
    Hope all is well, hugs M


  2. Mona says:

    ps Your Sis, started the Noodle desire, don’t ya know…..So…. there it is!
    pps When my Dad passed I got the spinning wheel. Both Mark and I wanted it, so I offered not to dibs the cherry chest in exchange. Both of us knowing full well I was not going to transport the three drawer chest to Oregon. He was really cool about it. We were very civilized about all Dads ‘stuff’. We were either throwing quarters till odd man out won, or rock paper scissors if there were three or less of us wanting something.
    Anyway, not sure if it is a wool wheel or not. My Mom seems to think it’s a flax wheel. It’s pretty big. My brother has it in his basement right now, as mailing it from Michigan to Oregon wasn’t something we could easily do at the time. So now it has to go from Va to Oregon. Blessing as it has given it time to air out. My Dad was a HEAVY smoker, and the house he owned had oil heat. By the time I left Michigan I had no voice left from the allergic reactions. It was a true log cabin and the house was saturated with all the stuff. And I wasn’t even staying at the house, I was at my Aunts next door. I’ll be back east sometime this month or next for a family thing, but it will be totally inappropriate to get it. Besides what will I do? put a hundred plus old spinning wheel in storage in my climate? I don’t think so! If I lived further east in the state, like Bend or further maybe. Or in Ashland. But mostly the I-5 corridor is damp damp damp. If I can find some pics of it I’ll scan and send them to you. I’m curious to know which it is. And I can take them to a dealer and ask the best way to ship it and not break it.
    I really really enjoy your blog. It’s a window, as well as INSPIRATION for me. so, thank-you….


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