One day it’s peach blossoms and soy beans, the next it’s bare trees and cheese curds


My very first hand-spun yarn….it’s so cute at this age.


DH bought this for me at an estate sale….so sweet


Peach blossoms


Plums again. I drink my coffee outdoors every morning watching the dogs and just being still before the day begins. I love planting new things each spring but I think I get more pleasure seeing things come back to life for another season. it’s like catching up over a cup of coffee with an old dear friend.


Soy beans, I think the leaves are such a lovely shape.


Hey Maisy Blue, how’d you get stuck over there?


Wanna come out in the big yard?


Sweet girl, no one else is awake, let’s spend some time alone….shh.


Sweet, Sweet girl. Sometimes I just cannot resist curling up next to her and looking at what she sees. The world is pretty beautiful from her vantage point.


The compound. DH is building himself a studio next to the shed.



Notice that the shed where we keep the lawnmower and shovels has clerestory windows… he’s quite the over-achiever. We still need to set up another barrel to collect rainwater for the nearby garden.

I am presently in Wisconsin at a press check and have been working off and on since 3:30 this morning…yuck. the last time I was at press (in December) He was about 75% done with the shed. I bet there will be walls up on the studio when I get home Saturday.

One great thing about a press okay is lots of down time ALONE which translates into lots of knitting time. I brought Twist with me hoping I’d get further along. I’ll let you know. I also brought a whole bunch of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton for dishcloths. It is hands down my favorite for dishcloths, the secondary colors are lovely and they stay lovely wash after wash…the little bumpies give a little scrubby action too.

I took these photos at home yesterday before my flight (except for the peach blossoms…last month I think). You can see it’s definitely spring in Texas…. not so much here in Wisconsin. I love coming to Wisconsin, I even like these bleak months. I think it was sleeting when I got to the plant this morning. Great knitting weather!

I need pancakes, so I’m off.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I ordered something last weekend and it PAINS me that it will arrive while I’m gone, but will be so thrilled to see it when I get home. Thank god I have a couple comp days to play with it. What is it? Wait and see.

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