My New Grocery Getter


a 1961 Columbia replete with new wheels and white wall tires… now to find a basket… perfect for hopping over to the HEB for some soy milk and Fancy Feast.
the perfect ride to my city council meetings, don’t you think?

My Huge Triangle Shawl. I do love it, it’s so soft but I think I would probably add a stitch every other row to make it a more gradual deeper triangle. I finished it a while ago, but just got around to taking a pic.

Curious about the squirrel? He just left and we quickly covered the hole… or more like DH did. I was out back drinking coffee a couple days ago and a squirrel traveled the whole length of the rain gutter to the corner of the roof and stared at me for like 10 minutes….I hope he finds a nice new home.

The dogs so want to be in these days…  both the heat and the mean-spirited mockingbird make inside a much happier place to be. The damn bird keeps swooping on them, seems late to be protecting a nest…may just be an asshole. 

Tuesday I made a mild dish soap spray to combat the darn stink bugs on my tomatoes… I spritzed them up and I swear it’s been two days since I’ve had to flick one of those little buggers off. I like this… instead of killing the bugs or poisoning my tomatoes I just made them taste yucky to them. 

4 thoughts on “My New Grocery Getter

  1. rose says:

    Your bike is so cool; I’m jealous. BTW, do you have a particular pattern and/or yarn for your washcloths? I make the MasonDixon ones but they smell funky sooner than I think they should.


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