Fire Ants & Pie

Red shoes
Yep, every summer My feet and legs are smothered in bug bites… I'm just one of those unfortunate souls whom bugs love to sting, bite and zap. So, at the ripe age of 43 my legs look like a 12-year-olds at summer camp. I do however love my new red shoes… the thought here is they're so cute who'll notice my itchy red bumps. I seriously have to keep Benadryl or Arnica gel in my makeup bag at all times from Memorial day until Thanksgiving. This morning I was cursing as I was fighting stink bugs and fire ants for my tomatoes. If you don't have fire ants where you live, consider yourself lucky. They are the wolverines of the insect world… je déteste, really. My husband kindly pointed out the pink wellies sitting right at the back door and suggested I wear them when I'm gardening…. harumphhh. I did however manage to pick a whole mess of toms and some basil. I brought them to work and prepared a lovely Insalata Caprice.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job? Well I do. I got back from an appointment this afternoon to not just one but at least 8 pies from my favorite pie guy, Bud Royer of the Famous Royers Round Top Cafe 

The list of pies:

Strawberry Rhubarb w/ granola topping


Apple Crumble

Coconut Lemon Chess Pie



Chocolate Chip

Butterscotch chip

On the needles… Twist STILL and a whole mess of dishcloths, it's a new binge. I am seriously thinking of frogging Twist and using the lovely olive yarn for February Lady Sweater Am I crazy? I've knit the back, the left front and am half way finished with the left front. Yep, crazy.

As soon as I find a few quiet hours or a perfect rainy day I will be printing up a storm. I have set up my new etsy shop, only to let it sit empty…tsk, tsk. 

Picture 5

4 thoughts on “Fire Ants & Pie

  1. Amanda T. says:

    Oh my gosh, I ate so much of that pie that I made myself sick. Seriously. I just couldn’t eat anymore. Then I took more home. 🙂
    That Lady Sweater is beautiful. But I’m not going to express an opinion on you frogging something you’ve worked for so long on. That’s a tough one.
    PS – I want a tomato from your garden. Please bring me one!


  2. rose says:

    Love the red shoes! Sorry about the bug bites; I’m like that with mosquitos! What kind of washcloths are you making? I did a bunch of the MasonDixon ones last summer but they kinda smell. I think they’re so thick they don’t dry well??


  3. Sarah says:

    K. I totally sympathize with your scabby leg issues. In fact, my nick-name growing up was Scabby (my sister was Scaley). Currently I am sporting some pretty snazzy scabs and bug bites…. but your red shoes totally take away from the bumps.
    Really?!?!? You’re going to print soon? I can’t wait! What can I buy!??!?


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