Happy First Day of Fall!

I know the temperature is about 90º today but I am determined to begin fall today with the rest of you. I love fall, or more accurrately, I love October… which is right around the corner.

Today, I am working from home. I have a pot roast in the crock pot and I'm working on this…

Picture 2

Picture 3

which is not making my pining for cooler weather any easier. Aah, doesn't it look just dreamy?

More seeds for the fall garden. I'm planting in succession to get more greens over a longer time. I just love scooping up th ebulk seeds at the nursery.


I spied this bird out my living room window… yeah, they like the giant teacup turned birdbath.



I am hoping to finsh Rayne Wrap Cardigan by Laura Chau ( I woul link here but typepad is acting up) before

our trip to the Ozarks. I'm at the first armhole…may happen yet.


Still need to hang all this stuff


After much thought and consideration, we finally decided to give No Bark Collar a try with Callie Jo. She's a Catahoula and will tree a squirrel and bark at it for 7 hours… and is undeterred. We finally came to the conclusion that it was more humane than letting her get shot by a neighbor ( We o live in small town Texas. Yesterday she was very surprised… today she is just staring at squirrels.

Here she is napping and waiting for pot roast.

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