Each month we have some kind of "wrap" party on final deadline day. Today, we are having milk and cookies. While it's true we are all legally adult, we will all file into the
conference room in about 30 minutes to eat warm cookies and milk.

Speaking of adults… yesterday I was chatting with a young woman I work with. She recently started knitting so I see more of her than before. We were talking about our holidays and she mentioned her older sister (24) just got engaged over Christmas. This of course prompted me to ask her age. TWENTY TWO. Okay, now I knew she was young, but not that young. This Sunday I will be twice her age. 

I am woefully behind on archiving my FOs for 2008… I hope to snap some pics and post by mid month. oh, that's next week.

One thought on “waiting

  1. Amanda says:

    I will likely forget on Sunday so I’ll do this now: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    I resent the fact that a 22-year-old has a job there and I don’t. WTF.

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