Stick me with a pin

While I fully realize I could whip one of these up myself… I probably wouldn't and why not support another crafter. I know that most of us crafty bloggers do this, because we all value handmade items.
  This sweet pincushion was made by Bean of
  Today I am settling into a long weekend… the weather is cold enough to curl up. I have slept so much this week… hibernating really. I need to scoot out to buy a birthday gift for a friend, but plan on baking banana bread when I return and knitting n the kitchen. I find myself utilizing the kitchen as craft/print/studio space more and more these days. I was so damn excited about having a guest/craft room to myself but soon discovered it was trés inconvenient when I was sewing. All the good counter and table space is in the kitchen. Oh well, you never really know how you're going to live in a space until you… well, do. It's almost like a pioneer kitchen now… sans the wood stove.

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