Finally a rainy day and the husband’s away… and how I spent it


We've had an inch of rain since Sunday. Where's DH? He's been in Panama with friends, he'll be back tonight.


What I did on my rainy day off… I finally tackled the boxes and stacks of papers that needed sorting and filing. Sadly this meant my office throwing up its contents allover the house. But it's done. The table is now clear and I have finally taken care of something I have needed to do for a super long time. Deep breathe. Now all I need for tax time is literally at my fingertips.

I refuse to end my first post in days weeks talking of taxes, so here is your moment of zen… oh and a hat


This little bugger was trying to get into the black oil sunflower seed. I took this through my window, so the pics are more funny than beautiful. Notice his little arm, too cute.


stare down, squirrels excel at this game.

Swell for Troy

and I am back on track with February Lady Sweater. I decided to frog Twist and use the yarn for FLS. I was starting to worry about Twist fitting after all that work. I think I was knitting it for the size I'd hoped I'd be when I finished… anyone else do that? It's not the wisest approach. So… FLS it is, and it's a fun knit.

One thought on “Finally a rainy day and the husband’s away… and how I spent it

  1. Amanda says:

    Oooh, FLS is adorable. And hat is awesome! Who is it for? I wish I had your knitting skillz. I’m determined to tackle something slightly more challenging than a washcloth soon.


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