Heading Out

Austin has been a whirlwind of activity this past week. SXSW is in full swing and from my desk (16 floors up) I can hear nothing but a sonic mess… the music of at least 11 nearby stages wafting up and trying to be heard over others.

I chuckled as I spotted more than a couple shell shocked families that thought it would be a great idea to visit Texas' capitol city during Spring Break… only to be rubbing elbows with a whole lot of pale skinned, skinny jean wearing rockers. The contrast is stunning, really. It reminds me of a late summer road trip I took in the early 80's from Minnesota to California. We were headed for the Black Hills of South Dakota,  and we were amazed by the number of bikers (not cyclists) on the road. When we reached our destination, Sturgis, we had happened upon this We were lucky to find a camp site, and can honestly say it has forever changed my idea of Mount Rushmore. I don't think everyone thinks of a parking lot full of riders on Harleys drinking beer and waiting for the lights to come on.

I'm just about to head up to DFW for a press check for a magazine for a Texas grocery company. Speaking of groceries… I like to spy on people's purchases when they only run in for a few things because it's fun to see if they are related. Last Friday a man bought 15 pounds of bird seed and 2 boxes of wine… I bet I know what he did all weekend.

2 thoughts on “Heading Out

  1. Mona says:

    Yea, me too…..
    I think I might know if it had been one of my brothers that lives in Alabama, and has not a moments thought if he pops the neighbors dog with a bb gun…. thank goodness his wife is a good Baptist and made him put down the beer…..


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