cluck cluck


I know, I know…I've said this before, but this time I just may mean it! I still worry about my high strung Catahoula making mince meat out of one of the gals… but I think that I just need to try it. If there is blood, we'll build a funeral pyre and I can always deconstruct the coop/run to fashion a larger compost arena. The thought of walking out back in my jammies and scooping up blue/green and café au lait hued eggs makes me so dizzy that I am willing to set my fear aside and see if Callie Jo can be trusted.

at lunch I ran out to buy some Robin Eggs because I do not have children to steal them from. Easter just isn't Easter without hurting my tongue on these little buggers.


One thought on “cluck cluck

  1. Amber says:

    I want chickens too, but not for a few years when my kiddos are a little older. Oh yeah, and I don’t live in a chicken-friendly “city” right now. Some day…
    Also, if you ever had t-shirts printed with the chicken design, I would definitely buy one.


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