View from the front porch 4/15/09





Evidence of a weekend spent planting seeds. Sunday I sat down with a cup of coffee, graph paper and a new copy of Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholemew and mapped out my spring garden. I didn't actually grid off my garden as the author suggests and am using my compost rich organic soil, but did follow the plants per Square foot guidelines… I mean, for Pete's sake, I can eyeball a square foot.


Only one sleeve to go on my February Lady Sweater.



What's up next? Either

Diminishing Rib
#286 Bulky Shrug

One thought on “View from the front porch 4/15/09

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh, that’s nice. When am I coming to sit on that front porch and spend a weekend crocheting and sipping lemonade? Hrm. And then you give me tutorial on cables?
    Also, I am helpful in the garden.
    Also also, I say bulky shrug. You have yarn for that already, yes?


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