Ee i ee i oh!


If any of you live in a small town close to a not so small town…you know the inevitable is going to happen some day, it just is. That said, one of the benefits of living in a small town is that you and your neighbors can be architects of what you'd like it to look like, smell like, and sound like when that day comes.

The dilemma is always the same… how do we grow without losing our small town feel. I mean the other day I got a hug from my doctor in the produce section of the HEB, where else does that happen?

In looking at ways to revive the town and its culture and create a more sustainable future… I say we look no further than our past. My town has some
incredible resources that could really be tapped – an
abundance of farmland and a strong agricultural tradition.

I knew that there had been an ongoing discussion and there was a meeting this past
year to access what level of local interest in the for organic or
natural farming.

One of the blessings of being a city council member is actually getting someone to listen to you and take you seriously…well kinda.

I had a meeting with my neighbor , who works for the Sustainable Food Center in Austin. We
met to discuss the reality and or viability of convincing and
assisting willing Elgin farmers to transition to a more sustainable
farming practice and becoming part of a farm-to-work, farm-to-school
or other community sustained agriculture program.

I presented the idea to our Economic Development Corporation… and after a few weeks of rounding the troops… the meeting is this evening. I'm pretty excited. Next step is to get our County Extension Agent here for a presentation for cotton and hay farmers that are interested too.

Wish for a good turn out

3 thoughts on “Ee i ee i oh!

  1. Paige says:

    Reading things like this helps me gain some perspective on my own possibilities as a small business owner and Main Street Board member here in my own little smalltown. Thanks.


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