because I simply don’t have enough to do

I bought this baby for $6.99 (no lie) on eBay to snap some TTV shots. The point is to shoot a digital image through the viewfinder, which is on top and everything is backwards. No clue if the camera actually functions (since it doesn't need to) and the more schmutz on the lens, the better. I haven't had enough time to get the hang of it, and I failed miserably at capturing all the dirt on the lens…. must work on that.


One thought on “because I simply don’t have enough to do

  1. Walker Leamington says:

    Love this idea, cant wait to see more!I’m going out right away to pick one up. Although, I have a Holga, a 60’s polaroid and a Brownie, that I’ve yet to snap one photo with. But the idea of using digital through an old lens brilliant.


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