Preparing to leave the land of Blatz & Brats

I've been in Wisconsin this week at a press check. The weather has been 20-30º cooler everyday…. seriously. It's been a nice break, and while I'm happy to be returning home, I'd be lying if I said I was looking forward to the blast of heat that will be hitting my face about 4:45 central time.

This week I have slept, knit and drank a lot of coffee waiting for presses that were rife with mechanical issues. I did however have the most amzing piece of pie at this place… peach/blueberry/chery/strawberry, thay calle dit fruit lovers pie.  Press okays are always hurry up and wait…. lots of going with the flow and late, sometimes overnight hours. I cannot tell you how glad I am to be a knitter in those times. i think I would go bat shit crazy if I had to actually LOOK FOR ways to occupy my time.

Thursday I was on my way to another plant a ways out in Hartford. I was looking for somewhere to sit, drink coffee and knit while I waited to get called to the presses. I about wrecked the car when I saw Main Street Yarn Shop. The owner, Ronda was great and she carries so beautiful yarns. I picked up a couple patterns, some lovely hand painted yarn and this book… such beautiful patterns in this book. Ronda's friend wrote and illustrated this book with Ronda as a knitting spider. I sat on knit at the shop for a while then scooted off for my press okay. I brought my Clapotis along since it's such an easy travel knit. I'm knitting with Malabrigo Sock Yarn in Velvet Grapes, the color is so yummy rich.

Well, I need to push off and catch my ride to the airport…. I'm packed, laptop and knitting at the ready, and a book…though I may raise a few eyebrows reading Assassination Vacation on the plane.

Need to remember to pick up brats and cheese curds at the airport… dinner tonight.

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