Queso Fresco to the Rescue

This dish is a combination of a couple Indian dishes. It started as Chicken Korma from this book  and I created a bastardized version which combines my other favorite Indian dish Saag Paneer. Basically I added spinach and cheese to it. Since I live in small town Paneer was not readily available and I was not interested in making it…even though I understand it is easy.

I thought long and hard about a substitute and think I found a good one— Queso Fresco. I knew it needed to be a cheese that would retain it's cubist shape, but soften some. It has just a hint of salt…it was perfect. Honestly, it may be the same damn cheese/different continent.



DSC00147 copy  DSC00142 copy
yum, really. but I could have done without the whole wheat naan… soem things are just better left alone.



Another Clapotis. This one is for me. Yarn Malabrigo Sock Yarn | Colorway Velvet Grapes



The hat portion of the scarf and hat set I'm knitting for my MIL Edna for her trip to Ireland next month. Yarn Berroco Ultra Alpaca in | Colorway Cous Cous

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