A Sure Bet


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There are few things that I love more than the beginning of golden afternoons, cool, crisp mornings, the crackle and pop of a firelogs and a carpet of leaves crunching under my feet. {insert sound of screeching brakes here}

A girl can dream can't she? Every year I am giddy with he approach of fall. Even though fall in Central Texas is not the showstopper it is in the Northeast, it still has it's moments. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see how the maples we planted in spring ignite… a blazing red tree is a rarity in these parts.

I am once again practicing my annual mantra of "It's fall damnit…somewhere". So, yes that's me digging out my cordurouys and perusing sweater patterns to knit. Yup, I'm the crazy woman in denial that while it may technically be fall, it's still kinda hot.

Steve and I are headed to Shreveport tomorrow to attend the wedding of a good friend. I think it's a sure bet that a wedding in crazy ass Louisiana may prove to be fun.

I'll let you know.



Few things are more quintessentially southern than eating raw oysters, fried chicken and cheese grits in a coktail dress. Yes, the wedding was fun.

4 thoughts on “A Sure Bet

  1. Lori says:

    Crazy ass Louisiana is a guaran-damn-teed good time! All the years I lived in Austin, I too longed for woolly sweaters, corduroy, hats and mittens. When we moved to Connecticut the thing I was most excited about was that, actually. Well, that lasted for a few weeks. 🙂 The rest of the crap that comes with that kind of fall weather….filthy gray snow that sticks around for weeks, iced-in cars, nasty-ass winter weather in MAY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…not so much.
    Have fun in LA!


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