Anticipation (box with a smile)

This morning I was faced with a decision… wash my hair or do the dishes? Some mornings are just like that. For any of you that have worked in the magazine publishing industry, fall deadlines are tough, really tough. So today, because I feel frazzled, exhausted and perhaps a little bitchy… I started to plan a vacation for next month to Northern California. Ah, I feel better already.
And to put a cherry on top of my day, I tracked my amazon order and it has been delivered. Few things make me happier than knowing there is a box from Amazon waiting on my front porch. A smile on the box! I mean how freaking amazing is that logo… really? I ordered  a couple new knitting books. It's been a long time since I curled up with a book full of yarn porn. Cannot wait. I read knitting and cookbooks like novels, don't you?

Remember when I didn't like to knit socks? Well, I knew I couldn't force things… it had to happen organically. I am almost done with my third pair of these I'm a clog girl, and these are perfect for wearing with my Danskos. Since I now love knitting socks I treated myself to this book and because the holidays are approaching, this book.

I need to get a new pair started so I have something to knit on the bus this weekend…. more about that tomorrow.

Oh, and my decision? My hair is up in two goofy side buns, but I do get to go home to a clean kitchen.

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