The Highlands of Glasgow… Kentucky that is.


The land of tobacco, Rand Paul and heavy eyeliner has grown on me quite a bit this press trip. This morning I hightailed it to Bowling Green to Crafty Hands as soon as I was finished with the morning press check. I bought some amazingly beautiful Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Marigold, some Koigu and a couple other gifty yarny things.


After Bowling Green I drove up 65 to Mammoth Cave National Park.


Oh, and yesterdays lunch.

4 thoughts on “The Highlands of Glasgow… Kentucky that is.

  1. Lori says:

    we bought some mountain colors bearfoot (apple green) at hill country weavers!! it’s such a gorgeous yarn, and i love the color you chose. and mammoth cave state park, isn’t that where you can see a moonbow, if the night is just right? i seem to remember that.
    but everything pales in the face of that magnificent plate of food. man. i want to travel with you. 🙂


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