The Redwood Coast

My husband and I flew to the Bay Area to visit my sister and her boyfriend. After a couple days of sightseeing and constant eating we drove up to the Redwood Coast. I only went to school at Humboldt State University for one year, but the enchanted forests with its massive trees, the rugged coastline and the über crunchy locals (Austin… you have nothing on these people) living hand to mouth in paradise, have been imprinted upon me forever. It was a treat to be able to share this with my husband. We took many photos of the huge trees near Orick and of Bodega Bay, which we visited on the way back to my sister's. I'll post these to Flickr sometime soon.

Today is my first day back at the magazine since November 2nd. Though some of the time was for work in Kentucky, it's been a very restorative break from my daily routine. Now it's back to a short week, then Thanksgiving. My favorite.

My sister and lemongrass pork at the Slanted Door, San Francisco

the Golden Gate Bridge

My husband at the Golden Gate Bridge

Trinidad, California. Nice place to wake up. My husband took this shot.

I forget which beach, somewhere between Arcata and Trinidad, California. Clam Beach?





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