Living Hand to Mouth in Paradise


Yesterday a friend asked me if I had a vacation highlight…

Time with K and P was so great, and I really loved sharing that part of the country with my husband. He'd never been there and was blown away at how spectacular and rugged the redwood coast still is. You'd think that would be the highlight, right?

But as always it's the everyday mundane fly on the wall moments that always amaze me and are imprinted on my mind. I really fell in love with Trinidad, population 311. We were at the Beachcomber Cafe as parents were dropping of their kids at the elementary school across the street. They were all coming in with their reusable togo cups (mason jars that the coffee shop sold for a buck) and filling out their index card, the locals were running tabs at the coffee shop. We took our mugs down to the end of the street by the lighthouse to soak it all in. The best cappuccino of the trip. After returning our mugs and picking up some bagels for our hike, we head to our car parked at the school. All of a sudden, about 40 crows swarmed the parking lot, a woman in a blue minivan rolled down her window and yelled, "I'll feed you in a minute!". She circled the lot with the murder of crows (god I love that) flying behind her down the road as she drove along, tossing out food. It was a sweet slice of life we caught that morning. I know I visited Patrick's Point often when I went to school there, but forgot what living hand to mouth in paradise looked like. It's pretty damn sweet, really.

pic by my husband

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