Roasted, Smoked & Fried

Picture 1

This is what's on the menu tomorrow. Last night I made my favorite cornbread, sausage & apple dressing from my all-time fave Silver Palate Cookbook  and Cranberry Chutney ala Orangette.

I've been reading Orangette's book and realized that the brother David she talks about, used to be my boss when i was managing a restaurant in DC. Funny little world.

I have to confess I was having some anxiety about how rustic the turkey is. My friends raised it and slaughtered it and the too long neck needs to be lopped off (which I can handle) and I've been plucking quill tips out with tweezers. I am no farm girl… I know this now. Anyhoo, my friend Sarah (chef & cheese monger) responded to my distress signal this morning and assured me it would all be fine, that the remaining tips will pop out when roasting. I thought as much but feel much better hearing from someone with a lot of experience. Thankfully, we are not making gravy with that bird's drippings.

Off to the rockpile and to drop off Maisy at the vet… she's feeling puny again. It makes me sad.

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