My House of Cards

Finally finished the project I began in a workshop more than a few weeks ago. My friend Susanne came over for "Art Camp" on Sunday and we both worked on these.


I saw these words spray painted under a bridge in Humboldt county in the eighties. I've never forgotten them.




I'm not one for self censorship…. but sometimes I need to remind myself that I am a city council member.



My first woven piece… luckily my left selvedge improved as I wove.


and of course I miscalculated so had to use another yarn, but I like it.


Can you believe this color! It wil be this . The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Marigold.


Simple slip stitch heel socks being knit with Supersocke 100 Candy Colors… dig those magic stripes.

One thought on “My House of Cards

  1. Amber says:

    I hate to be all “generic comment” but I love it all! Your weaving came out beautifully, your card house is delightful, and your knitting projects (and yarn of course) are GORGEOUS.


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