Playing Catch Up

A couple weeks ago I was in Oklahoma City for a press check and snapped some shots of my day. The image quality is spotty to say the least, but I only had my phone.

I was really there to do this….



While talking about how I was fixing up my banjo during lunch with our Customer Service Rep, he mentioned that there was a banjo museum downtown. Hot damn!


My Sales person Tina was a very good sport about taking me to the museum.That said, it had enough kitsch factor to pique her interest.


Amber, this banjo with an amazing hex sign on it's resonator made me think of you.




I had told TIna my plan to "tart up" my banjo and after seeing these glammed up models, she mentioned that I may be "limited in my scope". She has a point. Some of these boredered on something you'd see at either Graceland or Versailles.

On the second floor there was a replica of a Shakey's Pizza Parlour. It made me miss Shakey's! Pizza, banjo music and "The Little Rascals" movies… what's not to love. Apparently the owner Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson is known for having employed many a banjo player to play at his restaurants. More info about that here.

A "drive by" Chihuly , look real hard up in the windows … no time to stroll through the museum. Remind me to tell you about the time my sister Jessica and I did a drive by at the Grand Canyon.


Oh, and tornado clouds …of course. I believe these are called Wall Clouds, correct me if I'm wrong. Don't adjust your dials, the sky was really this green. I wasn't too freaked out until it was pointed out to me that the flags were blowing in the opposite direction the clouds were moving.


These clouds looked like poached eggs sinking below the clouds, kinda like a lava lamp. Beautiful. This tornado missed us, but not the St. Louis aiprort.


So here's my mother's banjo all cleaned up with a spanking new head and resonator.


She's been stained and I'm almost finished…



One thought on “Playing Catch Up

  1. Amber says:

    Oh my GOSH! Truly awesome post. Banjo museum! Not loving the tornado near-miss, but I’m glad you’re safe.
    Your mother’s banjo is looking absolutely amazing. You are doing a fantastic job!


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