Donkey Hoti


This is Donkey Hoti, Roscoe's current longtime companion.

Donkey Hoti is not just another well-loved, matted soul in a long line of Roscoe's sad babies loves. He looooves her. He's always been somewhat of a serial monogamist.


First there was Polly Polka Pants. His first love.


She turned her back on him.


He soon hopped into a whirlwind romance with this little bunny.
For the record…I am not claiming to know the sexual preference of my dog, or the stuffies… it's just a story.


She knew she was just a rebound romance, but just couldn't walk away.

This next gal was just plain mean.

and who could forget sweet sleepy Ellie?


Apparently Roscoe, once he met this little chicken.


One thought on “Donkey Hoti

  1. Mona says:

    When I see a furry friend with a ‘lovey’ I always smile. Favorite is when I see them on a walk with said lovey.
    btw I totally googled Cow Patty Bingo… Honestly surprised I hadn’t heard of it, but, after all, I am just a city gal…. with no chickens yet 🙂 Though we did recently pass a law so I could get them within Salem city limits if I had my own yard.
    Hope you are well


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