Metal Monday


Can you guess what this is? As I stepped back to snap this image, I saw this…


Apparently I had a couple of dog treats in my left hand, Roscoe was determined to remind me. Such focus.


This weekend was Elgin Art Studio Tour. We visited our friends Tiger and Erin at their blacksmith shop, Earthen Metals. We got to see Erin in action, she was teaching a class. Super cool gift idea for my husband… need to remember this come birthday, holiday, anniversary time. Also would be cool thing to do when my sisters visit.


The weekend was stormy, windy, sunny, cool and hot… and that was just Saturday.

4 thoughts on “Metal Monday

  1. Stacey (admin) says:

    Yes, Julie, I love visiting their shop… it’s loud and dark with smoldering fires and barn doors that open right next to the too close for comfort clickety clack of passing trains. These are the most comfy flats ever.


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