Friday Favorites

decamillis2-1 copy Somehow this morning I was tumbling down this book arts rabbit hole while drinking my morning coffee. I’m in love with these miniature copper oil paintings embedded in covers. Artist is Joseph DeCamillis.


Recently I’ve found myself obsessed with this salad, though I most often use big store-bought croutons since they are easy to have on hand and I don’t normally have a baguette around for long. Are you really supposed to save some for later? Also, the crunchiness of  the croutons means that by lunchtime, they will still have some toothiness to them, even though they’ve been tossed in dressing hours earlier. This has become a favorite lunch, most definitely a happy desk lunch. This salad is the perfect companion to a hunk of leftover grilled chicken or salmon. No need to heat the protein, it’s perfect cold.

35252736.Oct18004 I love this photo of my mom and sister Kelly circa 1968. Love her fishbone earrings. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, step, foster, in spirit, or otherwise. Motherhood isn’t for everyone, and while some struggle at it, others are stellar. So let’s hear it for mothers of every stripe.

Looking forward to a rainy weekend so I can try out a new recipe or two, stamp some silverware pieces, and find a new knitting project to start. I’ve been stuck on the new project front for about two weeks. More on that later.

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