Friday Favorites: Handmade Holiday Gifts, Cheap Yarn, and Patsy Cline

Patsy-Cline I can tell you the exactly when I knew I was going to marry my husband. It was the very minute he agreed to take a day trip from Silver Spring, Maryland  to Winchester, West Virginia to have a picnic on Patsy Cline’s grave. It was a cold drizzly early spring day and we had a little trouble finding it. Patsy was my super hero then and had read her biography and an article in the Washington Post about how the folks in Winchester were never that keen on her shenanigans had piqued my interest even more. I was obsessed by a woman who called everyone Hoss and would tell her band members to pull off at the next exit because she had to change her “firecracker”. Turns out the folks in Winchester were not to keen on her shenanigans. They referred to her as a bawdy, haunted and talented woman. Now I know now what I’d want on my headstone.

Yarn Snob

I would definitely could call myself a yarn snob. My stash is always full of my favorite Rowan yarns. That said, I will admit to strolling the aisles at Joann for Lion Brand and Patons yarn from time to time. While I am always a fan of supporting my favorite LYS, sometimes a little mass produced yarn can be just the right thing, especially when a wool/acrylic blend is appropriate for baby blankets and accessories. I really liked this post. about being a yarn omnivore.

Moleskin Love

This is the first time I have purchased the same planner again. Ever. At the risk of appearing a Luddite, I really do love filling in my meetings, lunches, birthdays, and especially vacation days with my favorite pen in black ink.
I prefer the Moleskin XL Soft Cover Weekly Planner with the week on the left and an entire page on the right to make lists and block out tasks. And also doodle. And put stickers. I wouldn’t actually call it a bullet journal, because there is no real organization or method… just jotting stuff down, so I don’t forget. And I get to cross things off.

Handmade Holiday Gifts

I always seem to know the most talented people, most of them women. Please consider buying handmade this holiday season from either of these talented gal pals.
Screen Printed Tea Towels by Paintbrush Print Company
Mid-Century Modern Doodle Calendar with Wooden Stump Base Galendars

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