Eat Like a Birdie

I know Dot from her days waitressing and baking at Elgin Local Goods. She was hard to miss with her flame red hair piled high and her even redder lipstick. I first heard about Dot’s Instagram feed from a friend. I love it when one of her blue plate specials pops up on my feed. Honestly, I found it difficult to decide which posts to feature so you will want to click on the link at the end to see them all. You’ll be glad you did.

Stacey: Your posts of Birdie’s meals are amazing! What compels you to spend so much time creating them, and what made you decide to share them on your feed?

Dot Speyer Rocha: Our little Birdie was born premature, so the amount she eats is important to us. She has always been willing to try just about anything, but loses interest fast. I thought that making meal time more fun might help. I started sharing because it helps motivate me and keeps me thinking creatively each day. There are so many other moms out there posting, and it’s fun to share with them.

SVL: #brownskinisbeautiful may be one of my all time faves. Do you have a favorite? 

DSR: Anything that tells a little story usually makes me giggle. They have evolved as time goes on. I do love that one 2 though.

SVL: Any plans to create a book of these for her?

DSR: I get asked this a lot. I would definitely consider it. I also get asked if I would be interested in selling a book with tips for feeding toddlers. If I ever did, I would call it “Future Fancy Floor Food”.

SVL: Can you tell me a about your catering business? I assume it’s grown up food? 

DSR: Yes. Dot’s Spot catering evolved from when we lived in Austin and I had a food trailer with the same name. It was gourmet burgers and sides and I was known for my candy bacon cheese burger with Hungarian paprika aioli. Now I focus on events and baked goods after I honed my baking skills at Elgin Local Goods. Catering is a perfect fit for me because I love helping people with the special moments in their lives.

SVL: What are you currently making, reading, watching, or listening to?

DSR: I just baked a wedding cake for 125 people and was so happy with how it turned out! It was inspired by strawberry shortcake and was an almond cake with strawberry curd and cream cheese buttercream. I’m currently re-reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for the millionth time. Our biggest project currently is remodeling our house. It’s a big project but I’m loving it. Not loving living in the middle of a construction zone
as much…haha.

SVL: How long have you lived in Elgin? 

DSR: We purchased our house in 2014 but did not move in for about 6 months. They house needed a lot of work which we did it all ourselves. My Husband actually fell through the kitchen floor at one point. We are now really finishing the house with this remodel.

SVL: Cake or Pie?

DSR:   I love cream pies, but overall cake wins.

Follow Dot’s Future Fancy Floor Food on Instagram @dotasinpolka

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