Donkey Hoti

Originally published February 20, 2012

DSC01715  This is Donkey Hoti, Roscoe’s longtime companion. 

Donkey Hoti was not just another well-loved, matted soul in a long line of Roscoe’s sad babies loves. He looooved her the most. He was somewhat of a serial monogamist.

6a00d83451c8d569e200e54f4b7b408834-640wiFirst there was Polly Polka Pants. His first love.

6a00d83451c8d569e200e54f4b7b108834-640wiShe turned her back on him.

6a00d83451c8d569e200e54f3747b08833-640wiHe soon hopped into a whirlwind romance with this little bunny.
For the record… I am not claiming to know the sexual preference of my dog, or the stuffies… it’s just a story people.

6a00d83451c8d569e200e54f3736988833-640wiShe knew she was just a rebound romance, but just couldn’t walk away.

This next gal was just plain mean.

and who could forget sweet sleepy Ellie?

6a00d83451c8d569e200e54f4b8be58834-640wiApparently Roscoe, once he met this little chicken.

Roscoe passed away in 2015. Everyone who knew him realized he was a comic genius.

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