Summer Sock Knitting

I love Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guides because they combine two of my favorite things: yarn and small books. By definition the MDK Field Guides are portable, but I love that they offer a digital copy with purchase of the printed issue.

I’ve yet to find my favorite sock knitting method. I’ve knit them top down, toe up, on DPNs, on on 2 circular needles. I started these socks on Size 1 DPNs and decided to switch to 2 circulars for the heel, but only had Size 2 circulars. I wasnt sure if I would see a notable difference in the stitches… but I sure do.

See how much looser these stitches are? Oh well, should sort itslef out when washed. I will however need to knit the cuff and leg with Size 1 for second sock since I will notice that. I’m one of those people who can’t stand to have one shoe tied tighter than the other. I am a delicate flower.

This is my first pair with a short row heel, I like the look a whole bunch but not sure how they’ll wear.

Watching & Knitting

Holy cow, are you watching Years & Years on HBO? Scary. Like Black Mirrir creepy. Why is it that stories set in the near future are the scariest?

If terrifying sci-fi/politcal thrillers aren’t your thing watch The Thick of It. Oh wait, it’s still political, and scary, but funny, and the language is pretty spicy. The writing is superb and the steady stream of insults and bad profanity by media advisor Malcom Tucker are even better in his Scottish brogue. Veep is loosely based on this BBC show.

Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guides
Years and Years
The Thick of It

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