This morning I was inscribing a young coworker’s 30th birthday card and wrote about how I couldn’t wait to be 30, and how that year proved to be one of the bravest and best years of my life.

It made me think about the last few decades and what each one felt like to me.

I was a hot mess, which would explain why I was in a hurry for my thirties.

These years were full of brave big moves; geographical, marriage, and a new career.

We bought our first home when I was forty. I finally felt grounded, and settled into my new home town.

Creativity and freedom come to mind as I am close to the middle of this decade. This may be my favorite decade yet. I spend time doing more of what I love and have more friends than I’ve ever had.

This WSJ article about women in midlife, and reinvention is inspiring.

Read it here

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