Love it or Hate it?

Last Summer after setting up a She Creates Union Pop-up at Yarnorama, Emma clasped her hands together and exclaimed, “Now’s the perfect time for some Marmite!” I can honestly say that’s a sentence I’d hear before and am likely to never hear again, for that matter.

I had a taste of hers, and while I kinda liked it, it wasn’t until I saw it on the shelves at a store that I decided to grab a jar and try it for myself.

Since March I have been eating this sticky, dark brown spread on buttered toast on the regular. I’ve recently expanded my repertoire to include toast with Marmite and cheese. Fancy, I know.

Not sure why I have all of a sudden I have a taste for it, but there you are.

The packaging is so great, and it’s marketing campaign even better. “you either love it or hate it.”

PS. Speaking of spreads, try this Tex-Mex twist on a classic.

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