Brought to you by the Letters M,S,& W

This past weekend I removed all CDs from their Jewel cases and inserted into 3 huge binders. I discovered we love artists or bands that begin with these 3 letters ALOT.  So neat and tidy, been meaning to do this for a thousand years. Which leads me to the huge list of other things I keep meaning to do or have only started…

  • visit sisters
  • finish painting kitchen cabinets
  • plant the 3 freaking Turk’s Cap that are still in plastic pots
  • paint last two walls of trim in Living Room
  • file file file all the important papers and toss the rest in the fire
  • finish quilted pot holder
  • organize closet
  • family cookbook, okay now I am going on three years here…
  • train Maisy on Gentle Leader
  • Take pics of stash for Ravelry (they may be FOs by then)
  • Update Husbands website
  • Design my website, oh and logo
  • learn to crochet
  • Start end-of year tax organization for husbands business BEFORE the end-of year
  • make a big batch of granola
  • Christmas gift knitting
  • Watch the netflix disks that are on top of TV
  • Vacum cobwebs that are  way up high in kitchen
  • I’m sure there’s more, it’s just all I will cop to right now.

8 thoughts on “Brought to you by the Letters M,S,& W

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh, now you’ve done it. Inspired me to make a list.
    On the top of my list is mailing out your package tomorrow. I have had the head cold to end all colds and didnt’ leave my house for four days straight. Think I will actually leave tomorrow.
    : )


  2. Mona says:

    lol… again…
    tops if it were my list?
    trim (maybe while the granola is being made? can you leave granola, or is it one of those…”stirring constantly…” type of recipes…?
    husbands tax gathering info…
    and then it would be a crap shoot for the rest…
    your family and friends adore you, so one can always give the yarn and the pattern in the xmas box, right? I can’t tell you all the xmas’ growing up that we got patterns and fabric in a box, and when Mom started knitting it was skeins of yarn and a pattern….


  3. Mona says:

    I accidentally posted instead of previewed I realize now…
    Want to know why those things are my top four?
    The first, Maisy, takes care of her… and you! I remember the dirt dive you wrote about. And she just seems like the sweetest pea! I walked friends dogs for about a year recently. The two that were trained? well it was a sincere delight to walk them and be around them no matter what my day had been like. and I never worried about hitting the dirt. And the two that weren’t trained… well… not always easy breezy for either one of us.
    The second, the granola is all about you… gets your cooking vibe rockin’ and feeds you both-DH- as well as the morsel or three that hits the ground for the canines…
    the third? both you and DH… and lastly all about DH and you….
    I helped a friend organize her storage unit all day today and was rather ti-red when I read and posted… otherwise I may have given a smidgen of logic behind my words… not that you were askin’ anyhoo…. :~)


  4. Stacey says:

    haha. I swear these weren’t listed in order of importance…I sure hope you don’t think that visiting you and Kelly is outranked by “organize closet” or “finish quilted pot holder” :0 Please note i moved you up o the top xoxo


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