“In October I’ll host to witches, goblins, and a ghost.


serve them chicken soup on toast. 
once, whoopy twice, whoopy chicken soup with rice."

October is my favorite month of the year. It’s always one big month long celebration. In October we celebrate my husband’s birthday and our anniversary, and a couple other special dates. Also, the end of summer. I just love October! I took this photo 3 years ago in October when my sister and I were visitng our mother in New Jersey. Sadly we don’t get Fall color like this in Central Texas. My first few years living here I was so sad to be missing the change of seasons. In the past few years I have finally made Texas my home, really. Now I am able to appreciate the Fall, however brief it may be….but I can see it, smell it and hear it again. Funny how things happen when you sit still.

I am just inches from finishing Wisp and am thinking that I should start some socks instead of a lace shawl since I’ll be knitting while visiting with my In-laws soon. Easier to listen when not counting stiches. I’m also really excited that my hubbie’s sister will be joining his parents on their visit. really excited! We finished painting the guest room a buttery yellow this weekend. We have a friend building an iron bed for the room too. This room will double as my craft/sewing room so the color was important to me. I had myself convinced that it would be great a nice neutral kahki…but I couldn’t bring myself tolove any of the samples I’d smeared on the walls. I needed color, big surprise.

4 thoughts on ““In October I’ll host to witches, goblins, and a ghost.

  1. Ahna says:

    OMG! I love Maurice Sendak. And Chicken Soup with Rice is my fav… I teach it too 1st grade kids and then we make it into a play. Riots ensue.
    OK, I like the soup, too, but I really love the story.
    Thanks for that happiness on a Friday afternoon.


  2. Stacey says:

    Ahna, One of my most prized posessions is an autographed copy of “Where the Wild Things Are”. I saw him speak at the Smithsonian when I lived in DC… I loved his discussion about kids and their curiosity of dark things.


  3. Ahna says:

    I heard a story on NPR yesterday about a woman who missed the seasons so much that she asked her mom to send some leaves that had fallen from the trees. Her mom sent her envelopes full, and the woman would open them and dump all of the leaves in the middle of her living room. She couldn’t empty the contents on the lawn because sunshine and a plush green lawn would ruin the whole effect. “Besides,” she said. “I can’t smell them when I am outside.”
    It made me think of your post.
    We’ve had a gorgeous, sunny fall here in Minnesota. I’ll send you some leaves, if you’d like?


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